Our story

Spica, the company behind My Hours has been looking after people’s working time since 1989, currently for nearly a million people in 20+ countries.

My Hours has been online since 2001 - long before the term "cloud computing" was even invented - so we're one of the oldest cloud services on the planet. To streamline the product and improve our customers' experience, we carried out a major rebuild of My Hours in 2014. The original feature set, however, is still there and is still praised by our users for being "just right", efficient and easy to use. Our team is based in Slovenia, the beautiful heart of Europe, where fresh air leads to fresh thinking. Your time is precious, so why not let us take care of it?

My Hours team

Spica International
Pot k sejmiscu 33 1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia +386(1) 568 08 30