An Overview and Aim of My Hours

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An Overview and Aim of My Hours

September 1, 2016
Product News

When it comes to My Hours product design, simple and effective has always been our goal and motto, and we think our 1st blog is the perfect opportunity to tell you about it.

Simple and Effective

The software has a natural tendency to bloat over time, to grow new features and get increasingly complex. To put in perspective, double the number of features – increase the complexity of the software by four times. Suffice to say, we are very well aware of the pitfalls of complex software and where it leads. There is also a certain critical mass of functionality for any product to be viable. Radical minimalism won’t cut it either. What you can expect from My Hours is being tight, focused and stable.

User friendly software is not easy to create and keeping it simple and effective is a constant struggle. My Hours firstly strives to improve its existing features and only after the improvement we add features that are beneficial to the user and software as a whole. User experience is always a priority on our agenda.

So, how exactly are we striving to achieve our goal?

We will stay focused on small teams with up to 50 users. We believe that time tracking gets exponentially more complex with team size, and we want to avoid that.
Our core feature set is, and will stay simple. Firstly,a time tracking feature that allows tracking on PROJECTS and TASKS. And secondly a REPORTING feature that provides and overview of your team for you or your client.t.
We do track time on projects, but we do not intend to go into full-fledged project management. We gladly leave the notoriously complex matter of dynamic planning, task shuffling and forecasting to others.

Is that really all there is?

Well, no. We have added four features that are beneficial to the user and software as a whole. The added features do not affect the core features and can be disregarded with no consequence when they are not needed. 

Here they are: 

Simple client INVOICING based on your client charging RATES. If you charge your clients per hour, or on a flat rate, you can invoice them straight from My Hours. 
Simple BUDGETING where you can set the project budget, either in money or in hours. That puts the budget balance meter right on your project dashboard. 
Basic TEAM management. Invite team members to join a project, delegate tasks and certain admin permissions to team members. 
Simple SUPERVISION mechanism with track approval, if you need to watch over the time tracking process.

As said before, My Hours is aimed at smaller teams and is not meant to accommodate large ones.

What do we mean by large?

That is a bit hard to pinpoint, but we should say that My Hours has been designed for teams with 10 and up to 50 people. Less than 10 is perfectly fine, down to a single user.

What about more than 50?
Luckily, there is no hard limit and it is up to you to explore and decide in our solution suits your team size. In our opinion the only real limit is practicality and we’ll let you be the judge of where that limit is.

Does“no large teams” mean that My Hours cannot be used in large organizations?
By all means no! Nowadays most large organizations and enterprises are divided into smaller teams for easier management. When these smaller teams need time tracking My Hours can be an excellent solution. Businesses with this kind of division that seek a simple, easy to deploy and affordable solution for tracking time on projects and tasks are well within the scope of designated users of My Hours.

Lastly, if you still have not tried out My Hours do it now. Don't forget to sign up, it is free for the first 30 days.