How Free is Free?

Jul 2017

We advertise My Hours as free, and more precisely, “Free for individual users”. It should be immediately obvious that we are referring to the “freemium” business model where you are getting basic functionalities for free and you have to pay only for more advanced features.

Freemium model is quite popular and lots of others do that too. However, the differences can be huge. Most of the competition will not give you a viable product for free. What they would give you is more of a teaser, a limited time demo, or “crippleware”, i.e. severely reduced functionality, below the usable level.

In comparison, from us you are getting the perfectly usable service, for the individual use:

  • Unlimited time – you can use your free plan forever
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Unlimited number of projects and tasks
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Unlimited track import and export
  • Smartphone app

Just to be extra clear let’s see what are you getting with the paid PRO plan:

  • Ability to have a team, team management, track approvals
  • Budgeting
  • Billing
  • Import and export for users, clients, projects and tasks
  • No ads

It can be argued that Budgeting and Billing do not apply only to teams, that they can be very usable also for individual users. We are not denying that – we are hoping to convert individual users who miss these two features from the FREE to the PRO plan.

What we argue is that the FREE plan can be perfectly usable without these two features. Namely, we do not see many individual users budgeting themselves. Also, it is not that difficult to bill the client using some external tool and then just attach the hours report. Many free lancers are already using some other billing tool, and many are in a working relationship where only the reporting is needed.

So, if you are a free user, keep calm and enjoy! We hope you will stay with us for a long time!

The product guy