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Time tracking your team and employees can get behind.
See how time is spent, increase profitability, speed-up payroll and billing.

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"Since we started using My Hours, our timesheet reporting problems have been solved."
- Chirag P. Software Development
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"Nobody loves time tracking, but with My Hours at least you won't hate it"
- João F. Software Development
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"The app doesn't have any employee monitoring features"
- Anonymous, CEO
100.000+ businesses make time tracking work with My Hours.
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Not your average time tracker

Many time trackers are built for freelancers who need to record every second of work, others spy on your employees, and most are difficult to setup and use.
  • My Hours is built for companies looking to automate timesheet processes.
  • We offer a familiar timesheet interface that’s just like a spreadsheet your team already knows.
  • Setup takes one day and onboarding is a breeze.
  • No employee monitoring
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Track time

Most of our customers enter hours at the end of the day or week.

We offer a stopwatch timer if you need more precision.

Setup tracking reminders so users don’t forget to submit their hours.
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Minimize errors

Managers can review submitted timesheets and easily find users who missed their hourly quotas or made other mistakes.

A simple approval workflow keeps everyone in the loop through comments and emails.
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Export data

Stop splicing various spreadsheets for billing or payroll.

Summarize and filter time, costs, billable amounts and budgets across time periods and projects, tasks, or users.

Export to XLS, PDF, or schedule reports to email or integrate with BI tools.

Enterprise-grade security & support

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Secure and compliant

We are based in the EU so data security and privacy have been at the core of our business for over 30 years.

  • GDPR compliant
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
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World class support

We have one of the best support teams in the business ready to help at any time.

  • No GPT or other AI responses
  • In-app chat or email support
  • Handled by a human with deep understanding of the product

My Hours has changed the way our customers work

We’ve helped 250.000+ people track their work since 2002.
Our software does not include employee monitoring and never will.

"Simple to use, perfect for the price, genuinely the best hour tracker I've used yet."

Leah M., Engineer

"Easy tracking of billable hours across various projects. Makes time tracking for different tasks simple."

- Paul H., Business Owner

"Ease of use, simplicity, streamlined, it really helped me get my hour tracking in order. No negatives for the purpose and scope for which I am using the software."

- Arieh F., CFO

"Easy to use for my team members who are remote but hourly. My House provides a simple and easy way to record, track and manage activity."

- Thomas S., Head of Customer Success

"My Hours is great for keeping track of time spent on different projects. It makes completing my mandatory timesheets at the end of the week WAY FASTER."

- Michael B., Manager

"The software is very easy to set up, and you can start using it right away to track your time, assigning different hourly rates for different types of work."

- Naomi S., Marketing Manager

"I really love this time tracking software. It keeps track of all my hours and is really easy to use. I would definitely recommend this software. There is nothing that I don't like about this software."

- Christina C., Paralegal

"I've enjoyed using My Hours, and I use it every day. Great tool for tracking my time!"

- Cody H., Engineer

"Simple to use, perfect for the price, genuinely the best hour tracker I've used yet."

- Leah M., Engineer

"This is the easiest-to-use software that I've found in terms of tracking hours and minutes for multiple projects."

- Michelle W., Virtual Assistant

"I love that I can track my hours and use it to generate meaningful reports to measure time spent. It's intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly customizable."

- Kristen B., Bussines Owner

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My Hours is Free for teams of up to 5 users.

Pro paid plan comes with additional features like invoicing, admin controls and priority support.