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Time tracking was a pain. We fixed it and made time tracking worth the effort. My Hours is easy to use and gets the most out of your data with powerful reporting. Teams that use My Hours are more productive, efficient and organized.
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Organize your work with projects and tasks

Breaking down your work into projects and tasks is done with a few keystrokes. Prioritize tasks, add details and assign them to your team to complete. Set up an estimated budget on a project or task level.
Project with to-do list and tasks

Set flexible billable rates and manage rate changes

Every client, project, task and team member can be billed with a custom rate, but with smart defaults. And, when rates change, you decide how it applies to your past work.
Set flexible billable rates or non-billable time

Track your time working with all the details

Tracking work time is more than a few fields. Add styled notes to your logs, tag with custom keywords, attach files and enter expenses. With keyboard shortcuts, you can do it in no-time.
Time tracker in My Hours

Dazzle your clients with custom reports

No more one-style-fits-all reports. Go beyond filters and set up reports the way you or your clients want them, without having to retreat back to Excel.
Activity report with filters

Look at the time spent from every angle

Fancy dashboards are not enough and with My Hours you can calculate your profit, generate real-time pivot tables or download a simple weekly timesheet.
Timesheet report

Approve or comment on your team’s time logs  

Going through every timesheet is a hassle. Select a few projects or team members that might need a careful inspection, while other time logs do not need explicit approval.
Approvals and comments on time logs
Scheduled reports and saved reports

Keep clients in the loop with scheduled email reports

Setting and downloading reports each month takes precious time. Save your report settings and have My Hours send it to you or your clients directly every period.
Invoicing form and PDF

Create invoices straight from your tracked hours

No need for an additional tool that handles the invoicing. Calculate the billable amount for each client and generate a numbered invoice that can be sent via email straight away.
User roles in My Hours

Flexible, but simple access roles

With a simple 3-role system, you’ll always know who sees what. You can hide costs and billable amounts from anyone, except account administrators.
Economy report

Count your chickens and calculate your costs

On top of billable rates, teams can add labor costs and expenses. Monitor your project costs with a (monthly) budget and calculate your profits or losses.

Sync your data with more than a 1000 tools

Transfer clients, projects and tasks from Quickbooks and other solutions via Zapier. Documented API enables tech-savvy folks to build their own integrations.
My Hours integrations

Track time on the go with a mobile app

Besides tracking time, add new projects, manage tasks and view reports - all through our mobile apps. Both iOS and Android are supported.
Mobile time tracking
No employee monitoring

No, you cannot spy on your employees with My Hours

My Hours does not record your or your employees’ screens. No screenshots, no apps tracked, no employee monitoring. Of course, you are free to view work logs that your team members have entered.

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