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Simple Timesheet or Timer

Each team member gets their own intuitive timesheet where they can log hours for pre-assigned clients, projects and tasks. No more messy spreadsheets.

Weekly timesheet and stopwatch time tracking
Use our stopwatch for precise time tracking down to the second. Add optional descriptions or attach files to document completed work.
Use timer or input time manually
Add custom or required fields
Add description, tags or other details
Set most used logs as favorites
Mark time logs as non-billable
See budget spent while tracking time
Get a daily or weekly reminder to log time

Analyze project costs

Set billing and labor rates for teams, projects, or tasks. Everything is calculated in real-time, removing the need for spreadsheet exports and manual work.

Analyze project costs
Define an up to 4-level deep hierarchy with Clients, Projects and sub-projects. Use Tags when you need more flexibility.
Log expenses to track other costs
Create templates for common tasks
Assign tasks to team members

Estimate and track budgets

Set up a budget in terms of hours, billables or costs. Get alerted when you’re close to the budget so you can ask for more funds or scale down the costs.

Estimate and track project budgets
Task-level estimates or budgets
Monthly budget for retainers
Include budgets in reports

Automate timesheet approval

Allow team members to submit timesheets for manager approval. Manage all approvals in one location, ensuring you stay on top of pending and approved time.

Estimate and track project budgets
With Team- and Project-based hierarchy Managers can approve only timesheets they have access to.
See who hasn’t submitted their timesheet yet
Send submission and rejection messages
Lock approved timesheets automatically

Create professional reports

Generate and send professional reports and invoices detailing billed hours and relevant charts for clients. Export timesheets for payroll and in-depth analysis.

Create professional time reports
Set up your team's weekly target and track who logged less (or more) than required.
Hide unnecessary or private information
Schedule reports to anyone's email
Export raw time logs with all the details

Assign precise user roles

Employees or staff can track time on assigned projects, but cannot view hourly rates or see timesheets of other users. Managers can be limited to specific timesheets.

Time tracking roles in My Hours

Track time from anywhere

Track time from our web application, browser extension or fully-featured mobile apps. Your data is available in real-time anytime, anywhere.

Time tracking with a browser extension and mobile app

Integrate with your tools

Easily transfer projects and time data from your existing tools through Zapier. A documented API also allows tech-savvy users to create custom integrations.

Enterprise-grade security

My Hours is hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, with official Gold partnership and various certifications such as ISO 27001, demonstrating our commitment to IT security.

Support is always a-chat-away

Even though we’re based in Europe, we’ll answer your questions in 1 hour on average. You’ll always receive answers from one of our in-house experts.

Surveillance-free software

My Hours does not offer screen monitoring or similar features - and never will. No way to spy on team members, ensuring complete privacy and trust.

Have questions? We're here

It's always nice to have someone to talk to when facing new software. Get in touch and we'll try our best to help you out.

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Pro paid plan comes with additional features like invoicing, admin controls and priority support.