Expense tracking

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Get expenses of your mind and into your invoice, without losing a cent or a receipt.
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When you can’t find the receipt

It’s the end of the month and you figure out that the numbers in your invoice don’t add up. That is feeling is just the worst. You go through your box of receipts, folders, or excel sheets lose a bunch of time and you still can find the culprit for the mistake.  

Tracking expenses is an annoying task that requires precision and accuracy. Sometimes you forget to track some expenses, but that’s natural if you don’t rely on a solution that stores all your receipts and tracks all expenses for you. No more anxiety when the numbers don’t add up or when it’s time to do the taxes. 

Save every expense

Enter the exact amount in the expense field and keep track of expenses with pinpoint accuracy.

Setup expense categories: client, project, task and even tags.

Add detailed description and attach a receipt or invoice.

In case you want to bill the expense tot the client, set the expense log as billable.

Lastly, you can add a custom fields such as mileage or vehicle expense.

Expense tracking

Log expenses on the go

Use My Hours mobile app to log expenses with receipts while away from your computer.

Simply take a photo of the receipt and save it as an attachment to the log with the exact expense amount.

Expense tracking
Expense tracking

Expense reports

Generating expense reports in My Hours is very easy. Simply select the date range and a category. Combine the expenses with other labor costs. In the end break down your total costs by clients, tasks or team members.

detailed time log descriptions

Invoice clients

Generate invoices straight from the expenses and billable hours logged. Customize it with your logo and other details. When ready send the PDF with a your message to the client.

detailed time log descriptions

Calculate your profitability

On top of calculating your expenses and other costs, you can set billable rates as well. These can be specified on the project, task or employee-level. With the Economy report you'll be able to view your profit (or loss) by day, week, month or year.

detailed time log descriptions

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