About us

The story behind My Hours

We launched My Hours back in 2002. Since then it has been rewritten twice to meet the growing demands. My Hours is a product of Spica, a company headquartered in Ljubljana with 100+ employees.

We are building My Hours because we believe that:

Time tracking is Communication

Individuals communicate work done to clients orleaders. 

No one likes being constantly monitored

The best companies lead with purpose, not fear of being fired. 

P. A.C. T.

Teams and individuals are motivated with Purpose, Autonomy, Clarity and Transparency.

The future belongs to autonomous teams

The best ideas come from unsupervised work in autonomous environments.

Work-life + Remote-office symphonies

The best work is done in remote-friendly environments with good work-life balance.

Budgets breed creativity

Time or cost budgets form constraints that lead to increased creativity.

Software should be fun to use while getting the job done

You rarely see “fun” and “getting things done” in the same sentence, but we strive to combine them in My Hours. 
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