Free Android and iPhone time tracking apps

Timesheets for your pocket.

Track your work hours anytime, from anywhere.
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iPhone time tracking

Mobile time tracking

Log your work hours with a simple click in the time tracking app.

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Start, stop or pause tracking instantly
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Add projects, tasks and tags to logs
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Add favorite time logs
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Enter description for each time log
time log editing

Organize your work

Edit your projects and add to-do lists and tasks. Keep an eye on your project at all times.

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Create projects
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Add team members
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Create to-do lists and add tasks
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Oversee your budget and total project hours
iPhone time tracking

Mobile time reporting

Insightful reports on time and billable amount spent on your projects. Ideal for a quick check-up.

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Custom date range
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Total hours and billable amout for specific time period
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Filter by project, client, task or team
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Reporting on the go
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Set billable rates

Custom billable rates for your projects and additional expenses for time logs.

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Project, team member, task based rates
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Non-billable time logs
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Additional expenses
iPhone time tracking


Set helpful reminders that help you and your team to remember to track your work hours.

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Set a daily working routine
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Notifications to start or stop tracking time
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Optional for every user
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You are better off using My Hours

The Benefits of using our Mobile Time Tracking App

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Track time easily

Always be on top of your time at work with precisely tracking your work hours.

Save money

Save money

Get the most money for time spent at work with accurate billing and invoicing.

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Find and fix time tracking mistakes

Analyze your work hours with ease, by going through your time logs if needed.

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Be mobile

Track time from anywhere at any time with My Hours mobile time tracking.


The burning questions about My Hours and online timesheet apps in general.

What does time tracking on iPhone/Android mean?
How do I track time on iPhone?
How do I track time on Android?
Is there a free app to track hours worked on iPhone or Android?
I have tested similar time tracking apps but they all have limits. My Hours is without a doubt the most important tool I use in my business.
- Kevin from St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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