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Track attendance with hourly rates

Know who was present at work and track absences and the reasons behind them. Make your payroll faster and more accurate by exporting all the tracked data. Time, attendance, and absence tracking in one streamlined solution.
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Why track attendance and absences?

There are major benefits to tracking both attendance and absences of your team:

  • More manageable payroll process
  • Fair earning for your employees
  • More accurate labor costs
  • More accurate estimations
  • Easier hiring and scheduling
  • Clear record of time spent at work

Attendance tracking

Tracking time and attendance of your team members a must when it comes to fair payroll and keeping in check with the work hour requirements of your team. It also helps with planning and workload distribution in your business so you avoid any bottlenecks in your work process.

Combining time tracking and attendance tracking in My Hours means you will work with one app instead of two and also pay for only one app instead of two.

At the end of the month or week, you simply open the Activity report for one or more team members and check if they were present on the days that it was required for them. The report offers total hours and you can dive in deep by learning how much time has been spent on specific projects, tasks, and clients.

Attendance tracking report

Absence tracking

Know exactly when and why one of your team members has been missing. Do this by creating a project and title it Absence. Add all the possible types of absences (sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave,…) as tasks in that project. Now your team can simply schedule the Absence project for the day when they are missing from work.

Monitor absences in the Activity report, where you filter by project (Absence project) and team member in a specific time period.

Absence tracking report
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Looking for a more advanced time and attendance solution?

We got you covered, we made All Hours! Designed specifically for users who need more:

  • in-depth payroll reports
  • complex absence management
  • terminals and time clocks
  • accurate time and attendance
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The app is ideal for medium and large companies as well as enterprises

Find out more about All Hours


Export the exact data you need for your payroll from My Hours and use it for a painless, fast, and accurate payroll process. Tracking attendance and absences in My Hours makes payroll more manageable and streamlined.  

The data can be exported from the activity report into an Excell (xlsx file).

Payroll Excel export

For drilling down even deeper into your data you can export the Pivot report and compare three parameters instead of just two (like in the Activity report).

Payroll excel pivot table export

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