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Clock in and clock out by using a timer or timesheets to track attendance
Accurate and streamlined payroll
Compliance with labor laws
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Choose a Time Clock App That Fits Your Workflow

With 30 years of expertise, we've perfected our two work time clock apps - My Hours and All Hours tailoring them for every unique need.

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  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Clocking in and out
  • Scheduling work
  • Absence management
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  • Tracking time per project and task
  • Granular tracking of time
  • Advanced billing
  • Reports for clients and payroll
illing method and budgets in My Hours
My Hours - Best for granular time tracking by project and advanced billing.
All Hours - Best for standard time and attendance tacking with absence planning.
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A Simple Time Clock App

Functionality is important, but ease-of-use is king. Clocking in and out is not rocket science, so why make it more complex than it has to be?

Weekly timesheet
The work time clock app is designed to make clocking in and out easy for all types of users - warehouse or production workers, IT professionals, office workers, remote workers or HR managers.
The time clock kiosk can be modified to your needs and to the devices.
Mobile app (iOS / Android)
Web app / Browser clocking
Timeclock terminals
Bluetooth beacons

Time Clock With Overtime Tracking

Calculate overtime based on the clock-in events and the rules you set up in the work clock. Overtime is calculated as the surplus beyond the required hours.

Weekly timesheet
Accurately track overtime of your employees and automatically calculate the surplus of hours for a smooth payroll process.
Download PDF, xls, or raw CSV/TSV reports of the overtime spent by your employees.
Overtime is marked as unpaid until approved by managers
Overtime requests by employees
Overtime reports make the payroll process quick and painless
Track hourly balances for flexitime

Work Time Clock With Staff Scheduling

A calendar overview of absences and shifts for easy planning and scheduling. Don’t just track attendance, plan it optimally.

Weekly timesheet
Manage upcoming absences using a calendar view which gives you a clear picture of who will be missing and when. Employees are notified of these decisions in the work time clock app and via email.
All Hours automatically detects morning, afternoon, and night shifts, and calculates the appropriate bonuses and overtime.
Automatic staff schedules
Manage absences and shifts
Insert shifts directly into the calendar
Employees can request absences

Absence Tracking

Efficiently manage, approve, and track absences from any device with our work time clock app.

Weekly timesheet
Set up the hierarchy to match your company needs exactly so the department heads approve or reject the absences of their subordinates.
Each absence has a clear history in the approval workflow and email notifications are automatically sent to everyone affected.
Unlimited department and approval hierarchy
Custom defined absences
Monitor vacation quotas
Export tracked absences to payroll

Accurate Payroll

Customize your reports and export the data you need, or use our API for a seamless integration.

Weekly timesheet
Track and calculates paid and unpaid hours, work from home, overtime, lunch breaks, and various other payment types.
This work time clock app provides a state-of-the-art API so you can integrate our system with any payroll provider.
Reduce payroll processing time
API access included in every subscription
Meet compliance & keep your data safe
All your data in one place
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Time Clock With Timesheets

For tracking work time in greater detail or using the time clock app for tracking projects.

Weekly timesheet
Best used when you want a better idea on how your employees are spending their time by project or client.
For staying within budget or solving complex billing situations.
Track time by project, task or client
Detailed time tracking
Add description, tags or other details
See budget spent while tracking time
Daily or weekly reminders to log time
Attach files to document completed work

Automate Timesheet Approval

Manage all time approvals in one place, staying on top of pending and approved timesheets.

Weekly timesheet
Make sure no one forgets to submit their timesheet for approval with weekly and daily reminders.
With Team- and Project-based hierarchy Managers can approve only timesheets they have access to.
See who hasn’t submitted their timesheet yet
Send submission and rejection messages
Lock approved timesheets automatically
Track hourly balances for flexitime

Analyze Project Cost

Set billing and labor rates for teams, projects, or tasks. Everything is calculated automatically and in real-time.

Weekly timesheet
Set the time clock with a 4-level hierarchy that suits a variety of company structures (Clients, Projects, Task, Tags).
Expense tracking, project to-do lists and project budgeting combined on one screen for a straightforward analysis.
Team member, project and task based rates
Log expenses to track other costs
Create templates for common tasks
Assign tasks to team members

Time Clock Reports

Generate reports and invoices detailing billed hours and relevant charts for clients. Export timesheets for payroll and in-depth analysis.

Weekly timesheet
Set up your team's weekly target and track who logged less (or more) than required.
Choose between the Detailed, Pivot, Economy or Timesheet report. View your team time clock app entries at a glance on the Dashboard.
Hide unnecessary or private information
Schedule reports to anyone's email
Export raw time logs with all the details

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My Hours and All Hours are both a product of Spica International, a company with more than 30 years of experience.

  • First class support
  • High grade security
  • No employee survailence
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“Best time tracker app out there”

"My Hours does everything I need it to do, and is in an easy to use and functional format with a clean, uncluttered interface. It's become an indispensable tool for me."

Brian S. | Marketing and Advertising

“Couldn't do my job without My Hours”

"My Hours saves me a ton of time tracking projects. My Hours makes it easy to assign multiple tasks to multiple projects. I also like that I can organize reports by client or project."

Cheri G. | Graphic Designer

“Great for tracking time on tasks and projects!”

"Love this software! I don't bill for my time, but I do need to keep track of time spent on various projects and on tasks within those projects. Easy to set up projects that you need track your time on."

Jenifer H. | Business Analyst

“Great Time Tracking Software”

"My manager wanted me to track the amount of time I spent on different tasks so we could better define the role. I tried a few different things before I found My Hours, and I've been using it ever since. I love it!"

Bonnie L. | Multimedia Content Developer

“Best Hours Tracking Tool”

"I like how easy it to use but has features to do custom reporting. It's always available, in 2+ years I've used it, it's always up. I totally rely on it to track hours and there has never been a hiccup."

Lori A. | Software Engineer