Timesheet time tracking

Track time just as you're used to, but simpler 

Because you are tired of using unmanageable stacks of paper, excel templates, or complex apps week in week out.
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Time tracking: Manual vs Real-time


  • Do it when you have time
  • Once per day/week
  • Traditional approach
  • Simple to incorporate into working process


  • More accurate  time tracking
  • Never forget  what you did
  • You can  input more info faster
  • Faster if done diligently

For those of you that feel closer to manual time tracking My Hours offers a timesheet view where you can log workhours manually. The old classics may still prove to be the best for most teams.

Weekly timesheet tracker

Write down when and what you worked on at any time. No intrusive app messages that you forgot to track your time. Once a week sit down and fill in the timesheet by adding a time log to a specific project and task.

Timesheet time tracking

Timesheet reports

When you need to report on your work time, the timesheet report offers the well-known timesheet form. Filter the report by team member, client, project or task for a drill down on your time tracking data.

timesheet report

Real-time tracker

If you find it hard to remember what you worked on in the past week, give the real-time tracker a go. Log your work hours during the day and get a very accurate representation of how you spent your time at work.

Real-time time tracker

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