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My Hours has a very intuitive, easy to use interface.  It's sleek and modern, yet highly adaptable to my individual needs. I've tried many online time trackers, My Hours was by far the easiest to use and the most adaptable one to my personal needs. Time entires are fast and painless (not always the case with other products) and the way you can sort and look at your data afterwards is great. I wouldn't want to run my business without it any more.

- Markus W., Creative Director

Easy to use and keep track of time spent on different projects and quickly turn it into an invoice. Since using My Hours I also keep track of project costs. Accurate invoices in an outstanding product. I use this program for my own business and have also introduced it to a small company with 20 staff and they love it. You owe it to yourself to give it a go.

- Arnold K., Architecture & Planning

The free version does exactly what I need it to - allows me to easily track my own hours, anytime, on any device. Cloud/web-based, so there's no need for lengthy or involved installs. Plus, it allows the developers to update the application when they see fit. There's nothing I really dislike about it. I have been looking for an app to develop, and thinking about business or personal problems that need solving. I happened to stumble upon My Hours, which does just about everything I was looking for, plus a lot more. Super easy, and helps me stay accurate.

- Verified Reviewer, Information Technology and Service

My Hours software is very easy to use. My Hours saved my life and I am very grateful, I love the way My Hours reports help me present my projects and tasks. My Hours gives me and my clients very good information about the projects I am invoicing and it helps us to organize and communicate. It avoids any doubts on the preformed tasks as it makes everything very clear. I have never got a request to clarify the reports I am sending! Therefore, it saves us time giving the precise and precious information we need. And, furthermore, it helps me to organize and present the projects and tasks, so nicely! I am Spanish and my Spanish clients do not complain it is in English! It is so good that the language is not really the most important. Incredible!

- Mercedes G., Writing and Editing

As a freelance web site designer and developer I was struggling to know how much time I was working on different projects. I tried a number of time tracking tools but none of them really did what I wanted, then I found My Hours and since then I've been able to make sure work I do is paid for. I highly recommend My Hours to anyone needing to track multiple projects.

- Sean C., Internet

Started with the trial version, may well upgrade as feature set so far versus price point is fantastic! Ability to set and control all aspects of the hours worked and also customize every logged task makes for an excellent interface and project invoicing tool. Clients are happy with more detailed invoices and clarity about hours expended on their project work.

- Rimi A., Architecture & Planning

My Hours offers amazing timer functionality for anything, really. Not just projects and tasks, but anything you need to keep tabs on time and effort spent. It is great with budgeting and their reporting functions are amazing. Even in the free account, you can generate amazing reports with My Hours. My Hours is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to track hours against tasks and projects. Signing up for an account is quick and easy. My Hours is great if you simply just a need a means of tracking time on projects and tasks and your current project management tool is not equipped for this or you simply are not using one. Add projects and tasks quickly. Start and stop timers, along with descriptions effortlessly. View status using various filtered views and always have full visibility with metrics.

- Miguel G., Graphic Design

It's easy to keep track of clients, and projects, and appreciate the report options. It helps me determine where and how much time I'm spending for each client - very helpful when billing. Always appreciate the prompt responses I receive when I have an issue or question. I have recommended My Hours to many VA (Virtual Assistant) colleagues.

- Terri P., Business Owner

Wow, My Hours, where have you been all my life! This is the kind of intuitive and user friendly system I have been looking for for years, and I'm so happy you popped up in my search results today. I started using it immediately, and My Hours is just about the easiest, simplest, most intuitive, and versatile timekeeping program out there. Exactly what I was looking for, with all the features I have always wanted. Thank you so much for My Hours, and for making a fully functional version available for free to those of us who are a team of one. Just makes things soooo easy. The "resume current time log" feature alone is worth its weight in gold. So grateful to be using this awesome system.

- Sabine J.

Flexibility and often improvements are available. I love the ability to export the reports, it is really helpful when preparing the invoices and reporting on actual work hours. Recording actual hours spent and description of activities is made easy with My Hours The reporting capabilities are great.

- Sahira Z., Information Technology and Service

This application is great, it allows you to keep track of your time, allowing you to schedule daily tasks at work or personally, generates the productivity record of the day or week, which your clients can see to know how you managed the time in your projects. It's great that you can generate billings and place a value every hour for the work done, in detail and generate detailed reports. I think it is very practical and easy to access, and the best, you can use it even if you do not have a credit card.

- Mary B., Accounting

My hours makes tracking my time for various projects a cinch! So far I've not found anything I don't like.

- Verified Reviewer, Entertainment

Very simple to use. Logs time even if the browser crashes or freezes. There are no cons for me. Time tracking for clients is simpler than other options out there

- Zaf K., Designer

What I love about this tool is the simplicity! It is very easy to enter the time spent and it is also very easy to get reports out of it! The invoicing part works like a charm! My Hours really helps me at the end of each month to do my invoicing! With the easy customizable reports I can create overviews of time spend just like my customers expect it.

- Jerome G., Information Technology and Services

I looked at various time recording apps and found that My Hours was the most suitable app for my company's needs. I particularly like the ease of recording hours spent for work done for my clients. To date I did not have any problems with My Hours. I have requested the potential to add certain actions of which they have considered and placed the action in their system. I greatly appreciate their consideration. I now have an accurate time recording of hours spent on processing my clients accounts and also have the ability to run reports on hours spent along with costing reports. It is a great product.

- Julie C., Accounting

I like that this software is free, depending on your needs. It is super easy to jump right in and start using and it also offers a app for your phone. Setting up clients or certain services that you do the most, is super quick and I can send hours directly to my clients from the software. I work as a freelancer on various projects and I absolutely love using this to track time for my clients. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone because it is super easy to use and I am able to send my time tracking directly to my clients without any extra steps.

- Verified Reviewer, Consumer Services

It's so easy to use and is not complicated like other time tracking pages. I can't work, I can't track my working hours without using My Hours. I really love it!

- Verified Reviewer, Translation and Localization

Its user interface is pretty, fast-reacting, intuitive. It takes no time to understand how it works. You can assign the same task to various projects, which is pretty cool. With the invoicing feature, you can see immediately what's been invoiced, what's to be invoiced. As a freelancer, this is great as you don't necessarily invoice all your clients at the end of a month. My previous time tracking software were leaving me with unidentified logs that kept me wondering for hours on what project / task I worked three weeks ago. You can set up hourly rates per task or per project or per team member. Pricing is spot on. Response time of My Hours is amazing. You click, it starts. Some other software are simply too slow to process information or start tasks and I'm always wondering if the task timer has started or not. Also, this UI actually incites you to take notes which is never something you do naturally because, at that moment, you KNOW what you are working on.

- Nadege B., Executive Office

Very quick to use, so it doesn't get in the way of work. Nice presentation for clients. Earns me more money!

- William P., Architecture & Planning

Great for tracking work hours! Easy to add new clients. Easy to track hours or add manually. Reporting is adequate for the task. Free version is a great value.

- Dan B., Business Owner

Works perfectly in almost every aspect of my business operations and needs. Simple, intuitive layout with simple exportation. Quick and easy time recording.

- Robert N.

Been using my hours for my projects. Never encountered any problems and it's so easy to use.

- Guðjón H. S.

As someone who freelances for different companies, I love how easy it is to track the time I spend on different projects and invoicing. I get paid very differently depending what I'm doing, so being able to visualize what I'm spending my time on really helps me plan out my workflow.

- Rachel L., Director of Operations

My Hours is a great tool for our office to track billable hours for work undertaken by staff. We are able to generate excellent reports which we particularity use for KPI analysis. The assignable billing rates is a great addition.

- Sarah S., Law Clerk

Easy to maintain control on activities and TS entry, very easy to upload from excel the TS. Native integration to download files in Excel format. It is easy to send activity reports to customers by email. Works very fast and without delays. My Hours speeds up the time sheet process with customers. Once the filtering is done just send the report by email, avoiding delays in the billing process.

- Cristiano O., Information Technology and Services

I like that I can track by project and then track in different ways within the project. Easily create a summary as well as generate an invoice. Very easy and clean and very cost effective. Overall it offers a very good experience. On the rare occasion I have asked for customer support I've been pleased with the responsiveness. I feel that the subscription is very well priced. I signed up for the paid PRO version and was really pleased with the functionality. I switched to the free version from the PRO because I just tracked hours, and my history was retained.

- Barbara H., Computer Software

I like that you can manually edit your time. Sometimes I am working and I forget to actually start my time for a new task. In that case, I can easily go back and just manually input my time. And I like that you can export it into different formats. I don't have anything negative to say. Been using it for a long time with no issues. I do tasks that take about 200 hours a month. My Hours just simplifies the entire process by keeping track of my time for me. At the end of the month, I just export my excel report and draw up my invoice for my clients. Out of all the time tracking software I have used, I settled on My Hours because it is easy and convenient to use.

- Jean A., Writing and Editing

Ease of use. Simplicity in design. Reliability. Overall MY Hours is great at time tracking, expenses, auditing and reporting.

- Ariel T., Outsourcing/Offshoring

The web site is easy to use. I especially appreciate the ability to track my projects budget as well as track my consulting hours. My Hours is an easy to use hour tracker. Contains useful reports on hour consumption and billing.

- Charles N., Accounting

It's simple, focusing on tracking time. I like the record button also. Since I go back and forth on several projects. You will always know how much you are spending on each Projects.

- Junko O., Web Designer

What I like most about this software is the ease of setting up projects and selecting projects for time entry. I love the different settings for time entry also, the 'standard' way and the quick mode. I also like how I can automatically assign tasks to every new project, that is so helpful! Overall, I think the architects and developers have done a great job making this software simple, powerful and easy to use! The user experience is phenomenal and I'm not overloaded with options!

- Joe B., Business Owner

This software is simple to set up and use. I don't waste any time setting up a new project. Once I've entered the client, I just start timing and go. If I take on more than the small handful of clients I currently have, I plan to upgrade to a paid account so I am able to generate invoices and have more clients. But for a basic user, this is the best service I've found. And I've tried them all. Note, I used to be an attorney in a small practice. I would have used this constantly in my billing had I known about it. My Hours has allowed me to keep detailed billing records for a handful of my freelance clients. There is so much flexibility that I could easily use it even for flat fee projects. It is simple to set up and almost mindless to use, yet it feels very robust. I've never felt a feature is missing. After trying countless competitors, including some very expensive industry software, I'm still convinced this is the best choice. And as my business grows, there's plenty of room to upgrade and expand the uses. Also, and importantly, customer service is wonderful. Through all my experiences, I've become a huge fan of My Hours. I'm happy to talk to anyone who is considering it.

- Kristen W., Legal Services

This is the best free time tracking tool I have found for freelancers on the web!

- Nikki P.

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