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Time Tracking with My Hours

Track time effortlessly

A time tracker with a track record. Decades of experience have produced a simple yet comprehensive time tracking software.

Time Tracking

Time Reports with My Hours

Report with confidence

Time tracked on projects or individual tasks can be easily turned into shareable reports that keep your clients or managers in the loop.

Project Tracking

Time and project management

Get insights

Get answers to questions like: “How far along are your projects?”, “Who’s working on them?” or “Where are the costs too high?”

Invoicing and Billing

“I have tested similar services but they all have limits. My Hours is without a doubt the most important tool I use in my business.”
- Kevin from St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Manpower uses My Hours
DHL uses My Hours
KPMG uses My Hours
vmWare uses My Hours
Metro Rio uses My Hours
Huawei uses My Hours

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