Time Tracking Software for Employees

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My Hours is an Employee Time Tracking Software.
Track time, report and create invoices in seconds.
You and your employees can track time effortlessly on different projects and tasks.
With My Hours time tracking stops being an inconvenience and becomes a helpful habit.

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Time tracking for employees who want to be efficient

Always helpful, never a distraction.

  • Our time tracking software lets employees track time on unlimited projects and tasks in real-time.
  • Track time from anywhere. A single click in our web application, Android or iPhone app that will start or stop the timer.
  • Our time tracking software for employees allows later time edits by the user who logged the time and administrators alike.
  • Time log descriptions show the work process of every employee time tracking with My Hours. Descriptions add more focus and help employees manage their time efficiently.
  • Going back and forth on projects and switching between tasks is made simple. Employees thus spend the least amount of time on time tracking itself and focus on using it productively.
My Hours Time Tracker

Simple and user-friendly

How our time tracking software for employees works


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Add team members or employees to projects and tasks.


Start tracking time with a single click.


Generate reports and know how much work has been done by team members on specific projects and tasks.

Time Reporting

On point and insightful.

Time report
Generate detailed and insightful time reports in a pleasing visual format, that can be exported or sent by email.
Know exactly how much time projects or tasks take.
Compare them over time, find the ones that are time consuming and not profitable in the long run.
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Employee Time Tracking

Your team will learn to love time tracking.

Hourly rate for team member
Carefree time tracking. No lengthy installations or software maintenance needed.  
Because My Hours is cloud based, your data is always available to you. Track time from wherever and whenever you need.
Add new team members with ease and set an hourly rate for them.
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You are better of using My Hours

The Benefits of using My Hours

My Hours productivity boost graph

Productivity boost

Know exactly how much time projects or tasks take. Compare them over time, find the ones that are time consuming and not profitable in the long run. Refine them or prioritize the ones that are profitable.

MY Hours efficiency raise

Higher efficeincy

Time tracking gives you a detailed view on how time is used and indicates the flaws in your time management. This gives you direction on how your schedule can be made more productive and efficient.

Work transparency

Work transparency

Have a clear insight into team performance. The software allows different levels of insight depending on the administrator privileges.

Resource management My Hours

Resource management

With enough data provided by time tracking, you can recognize and work on possible weaknesses or further promote your strengths. Tracking time also gives you the data that show appropriate workloads for you or your team.


Track time on projects and tasks

Create specific projects and tasks, delegate team members to them and track time.

Real-time tracking

Start a new time log with a simple click and track time instantly.

iPhone and Android

Be mobile and track time on your smartphone.

Enter time for past activities

Time logs can be added for past activities you forgot to log.e

Add descriptions to time logs

Prevent confusing and unclear time logs with short descriptions.

Web application

Tracking time in our web app is simple and efficient.

Cloud-based tool

No need for lengthy installations or software maintenance.

Simple to use

Focused on what it does best – track time

Add additional expense to time logs

Track or add additional expense that might occur.

Edit or enter time logs

Change the duration, description or switch tasks and projects for past activities.

Administrator privileges

See time logs in progress, approve pre-specified time logs, edit past activities, manage projects.

Create and export reports

Generate detailed time reports for the best overview of your time consumption.

Satisfied Users

Simple solutions for real people.

"fast and simple"

Time tracking that is fast and simple! It is great with budgeting and their reporting functions are amazing. My Hours isperhaps the easiest and quickest way to track hours against tasks and projects.

Miguel G. | Graphic Design

"very helpful"

It is a very helpful time tracking cloud/webbased app. Is very easy to use, doesn't have unnecessary options.

Hellen K. | Computer Software

"the best choice"

This software is simple to set up and use. I've never felt a feature is missing. After trying countless competitors, including some very expensive industry software, I'm still convinced this is the best choice

Kristen W. | Self-employed

Manpower uses My Hours
DHL uses My Hours
KPMG uses My Hours
vmWare uses My Hours
Metro Rio uses My Hours
Huawei uses My Hours
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