More Features

Round up your time

This new feature helps you to specify how My Hours rounds your time logs. No more messy total work hours at the end of the month.

Delegate tasks

Pick an important task and delegate it to your team members to make sure it is completed.

Project & Task input

You can decide if team members must enter the project and task on every time log.

Import timesheets

Easily transfer your timesheets to My Hours and start tracking more systematically.

Advanced reports

Display your data in visually pleasing reports, that will make your clients or managers happy.

Enter or edit logs

Glance over the time date from your team and correct any mistakes with your admin privileges.

Audit log

Know how time tracking is being done in your team and find all the changes to the time logs.

Attendance tracking & Time-off

Looking for clock-in and leave management functionalities? Take a look at our sister product, All Hours.

Simple clock-in/out
with mobile apps

Manage (un)planned
employee absence

Simplify payroll with
one-click export

Wherever you are

My Hours works in your web browser, mobile apps and more...

Web application
iPhone - iOS app
Android app
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