How to track time?

A definitive guide for time tracking with My Hours

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1. Sign Up

Before you start you need to sign up to our free 14 day FREE trial. Its easy as pie and done in no time.

2. Add Team Members

Start tracking time with My Hours by adding a team member. If you don't have any team members you can just skip this step.

Add team member screenshot

3. Add Project

The next step is to create a project. Choose the billing method and budget size. Set a reminder so you don't exceed your budget.

Create new project

4. Add Tasks

Next you add a task, name it and pick an hourly rate. You can assign tasks to all future projects with just a click.

Create new project

5. Track time

You can now start tracking time. Easily manage your time logs and edit them if necessary.

time tracking on my hours

6. Report

After you are done tracking time, generate a report. Insightful and clear activity, dashboard, pivot and other reports.

time reporting in my hours

7. Invoice

Lastly, simply create an invoice. Customize it and send it directly to your clients via email.

my hours invoice