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My Hours + QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

Connect the most popular accounting software with the best time tracker on the web.

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Track time on projects and transfer your tracked data instantly
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Make billing simpler and more accurate
Speed up your payroll by integrating
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How do I benefit from this?

Always know where your time goes with My Hours and have all money aspects under control with QuickBooks.

My Hours offers you...

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Simple time tracking
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Team member, task or project based hourly rates
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Accurate reports for a birds-eye-view of your time tracked data
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Free iPhone and Android apps
Fast invoicing

QuickBooks brings...

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Income and Expenses tracking
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Maximized tax deductions
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Milage tracking
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Business reports
Professional estimates

How do I integrate My Hours with QuickBooks?

1. Connect to QuickBooks

To start the integration click Connect to Quickbooks button, displayed in the main navigation. This grants you a limited access to Quickbooks data.
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2. Sync with QuickBooks

By clicking Sync with QuickBooks you will transfer data from QuickBooks. For every Customer in QuickBooks a new Client and corresponding Project will be created in My Hours. Service items will be transferred as Tasks and employees will become Team members in My Hours.
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3. Transfer Time Logs

After a successful sync click Transfer time logs. Transferring My Hours Time logs will create new Time activities in QuickBooks. Time activities can then be used for invoicing or payroll inside QuickBooks.
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Last sync on...

- The date of your last sync and the number of time logs that still need to be transferred will be visible here.

- Once past time logs are transferred into QuickBooks any updates made in My Hours will not be synced.

- At any time you can revoke My Hours access to QuickBooks.
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Waste no more time,
jump right in!

Get Started - It's Free
My Hours is Free for teams of up to 5 users.
Pro paid plan comes with additional features like invoicing, admin controls and priority support.