Clockify Alternatives

The best alternatives for Clockify users that are looking for something better.

Looking for Clockify alternatives?  

If its too good to be true it probably is. This accurately depicts Clockify's 100% free package.

Clockify has gained a lot of recognition as the only free time tracker on the market, but as of now the app offers much less in the free plan and basic features cost much more. This may be the turning point for some users and here you are, looking for an alternative to Clockify.

We can help you here, these are the best Clockify alternatives:

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Clockify vs My Hours

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1. My Hours: The best Clockify alternative

Price: Free, $8/user per month

Available on: Web; Mobile (iOS, Android)

With almost 20 years of experience, My Hours is built with one job in mind – tracking time so you can run profitable projects. Unlimited projects, tasks and clients in the free plan make it the best price performance app on the market.

Organize your projects, analyze your time and invoice your clients (or export the data) easily and all in one place. Last but not least My hours has one of the best support teams on the market.

My Hours mobile app, reports and time tracker
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Clockify drawbacks:

1. Just a poor copy of Toggl with extra features & bugs.
Due to the fast rise to fame Clockify sacrificed its unique approach and more or less copied Toggl altogether. Another problem with fast growing apps are the bugs. Clockify had numerous problems with smoothly releasing new features.

How My Hours solves this: My Hours is one of the first time trackers made (2002) and has a lot of experience with releasing new features and establish its stile. Most importantly we have listened to our users for almost 20 years and learned from them in the process.

2. Advertising Free for all, even though most features are Paid.
If you visit Clockify's website FREE will blow up in your face, but in reality Clockify is anything but free since 2020.

How My Hours solves this: As well as Clockify My Hours offers a free plan that is more feature rich and useful for freelancers and teams. If you want the Pro version you have a 30 day trial period to try it out. Plus we never hide the fact that advanced features are in the paid plan that is still less expensive than Clockify.

3. Even though it's optional, employers can spy on employees at any time.
This one needs no explanation. Employee monitoring – bad, Employee trust– good.

How My Hours solves this: My Hours never had and never will have any features that will allow employee monitoring. Our idea of a good leadership is to lead by trust and purpose and not with with fear of being fired. Case closed.

Bottom line comparison

Clockify logo
Clockify Logo
Calendar tracking
Clockify Logo
Custom reminders
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My Hours logo
Roles for Free
My Hours logo
Doesnt spy on your employees
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Economy report
My Hours logo
Todo task lists
My Hours logo
Reports100% customizable with Excel

More Clockify alternatives

Toggl track logo

2. Toggl Track: The original Clockify alternative

Price: Free, $10/user per month

Available on: Web; Mobile (iOS, Android); Desktop widget (macOS, Windows, Linux)

Clockify never hid the fact that they built their app based on how Toggl looks and works. If you want and app that does not include employee monitoring features and if you prefer the original go with Toggl Track.

Toggl is a bit pricier but the price may just be worth it in this case (more features, more integrations).

Toggl Track Screenshot
Toggl Track Screenshot
Toggl Track Screenshot
Harvest logo

3. Harvest: Proper invoicing Toggl alternative

Price: Free, $12/user per month

Available on: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), Desktop (Mac, Windows)

Comparing Clockify and Harvest leads to the conclusion that Harvest is meant for users who need to track their time and materials very precisely.

Harvest offers great invoicing features that can be compered even with some payroll and accounting apps.

Harvest Screenshot
Harvest Screenshot
Harvest Screenshot