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  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of timesheets: Streamline the process of tracking employee timesheets and scale better with our manual tracking option.
  • Prioritize tasks and personnel more effectively: At-a-glance time management helps you prioritize tasks that generate maximum revenue.
  • Monitor attendance with more accuracy: Large teams are tough to manage, but with our timesheet software, see who was absent, track why, and trim wasteful payroll.
  • Simple approval tools empower team leaders: Enable management with more efficient timesheet software tools.
  • Manage your growing and changing team easily: Add or remove team members with ease.
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Improve efficiency and accuracy of timesheets

My Hours provides the most accurate, flexible, and powerful timesheet software on the market. Take payroll and team management to the next level.

There are plenty of timesheet software options out there, but few that offer the level of accuracy and flexibility of My Hours. Choose between real-time tracking (with a timer) and manual entry. Increase accuracy by using the timer or rely on faster entry with the timesheet.

The more employees you add, the more paperwork and files build up. Avoid intrusive apps and endless popup notifications that distract your employees. Gain access to pertinent details about each employee and project time when you want and need them.

Timesheet and timer tracking

Prioritize tasks and personnel more effectively

Determine how many hours each employee has logged for every project at any given time. This allows managers and supervisors greater insight to determine who is best suited for which projects and where changes and adjustments may need to be made.

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Simple approval tools empower team leaders

Approving timesheet entries, adjustments, and other details helps leaders maintain order. Once a timesheet it approved, the team member is no longer able to edit it. Rejecting a timesheet can also be done with notes so they can make appropriate corrections.

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Track attendance with more accuracy

Absences happen. Often, they are for legitimate reasons, but how can you know? My Hours’ timesheet software provides elevated accuracy and streamlined reporting tools to make payroll faster and more efficient. Empower team leaders to improve attendance rates.

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Manage your growing and changing team easily

Add or remove team members with ease. Set each team member’s hourly rate, limit the number of hours they can log time, and quickly input billable rates for specific projects, which adds another layer of streamlined efficiency to your management tasks.

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All the features you need,

and none you don't

Timer or weekly timesheet

Track time with our seamless timer or enter your time through our keyboard-friendly timesheet. Both allow adding a description and custom inputs like expenses or mileage.

Set billable rates and budgets

Automate calculation of billable amounts by setting precise hourly rates by project, task or team member. Add a project budget to monitor its progress

Analyze logged hours & expenses

With the Dashboard you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of billable vs non billable hours, earned income by project, under- or over-utilized employees and more.

Generate custom reports

Detailed reports are completely customizable and display as much information as needed. Print to PDF, export to XLS or send schedule it via email.

Manage tasks

Add and assign tasks with an estimated budget. Create templates when identical tasks appear across projects.

Submit and approve timesheets

Supervisors get email whenever timesheets are submitted. Each timesheet can be approved or rejected with an email message.

Set flexible roles

Invite your team to track time on their projects without seeing each other’s hours and rates. Designate managers to oversee their team and manage their work.

Prevent inconsistent reporting

Lock team’s time logs to prevent editing or adding new logs in a selected period. Download the audit log report to keep your books in order.

Streamline invoicing

Create numbered invoices straight from hours logged. Integrations with the most popular invoicing apps are available to all customers.

Integrate with other tools

Connect My Hours data with other tools or vice versa through Zapier connectors. Alternatively, use our API to develop your own integration.

Access from anywhere

My Hours is a cloud-based app with nothing to install. View and manage your hours from any web browser or install our native mobile apps.

Secure infrastructure

My Hours is hosted in Microsofts Azure cloud and we are proud of 99.95% uptime. We perform regular security checks to keep your data in safe hands.

4,7 rating on Capterra, GetApp, G2 and Software Advice.

“Best time tracker app out there”

"My Hours does everything I need it to do, and is in an easy to use and functional format with a clean, uncluttered interface. It's become an indispensable tool for me."

Brian S. | Marketing and Advertising

“Couldn't do my job without My Hours”

"My Hours saves me a ton of time tracking projects. My Hours makes it easy to assign multiple tasks to multiple projects. I also like that I can organize reports by client or project."

Cheri G. | Graphic Designer

“Great for tracking time on tasks and projects!”

"Love this software! I don't bill for my time, but I do need to keep track of time spent on various projects and on tasks within those projects. Easy to set up projects that you need track your time on."

Jenifer H. | Business Analyst

“Great Time Tracking Software”

"My manager wanted me to track the amount of time I spent on different tasks so we could better define the role. I tried a few different things before I found My Hours, and I've been using it ever since. I love it!"

Bonnie L. | Multimedia Content Developer

“Best Hours Tracking Tool”

"I like how easy it to use but has features to do custom reporting. It's always available, in 2+ years I've used it, it's always up. I totally rely on it to track hours and there has never been a hiccup."

Lori A. | Software Engineer

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