What is Desktop Time Tracking?

Desktop time tracking is an online/cloud time tracking software that employers use to manage their company’s work hours by viewing and recording the time their employees spend working on their desktop stations.

You can install the software on your desktop or laptop and use it to track the total time spent on projects, run tasks, manage projects, and review timesheets.

Benefits of Desktop Time Trackers

The desktop time tracker will boost any company’s productivity and ease the communication threshold between management teams and employee teams by:

  • Allowing the manager or supervisor to get a detailed view of when, how, and where employees spend their work hours and helping employees manage their tasks by prioritizing highlighted projects.
  • Helping managers determine and track the standard time required to complete certain tasks, including the number of expenses and work hours.
  • Allowing self-hosted time tracking, i.e., the company can host its own servers to run the tracker.
  • Enabling easier time tracking because the software is installed on the user’s computer, so it can automatically calculate how much time was spent working on specific programs or apps on that computer. (This borders on employee monitoring, so it should be used with caution and consent)
  • Providing offline time tracking, meaning that you can use it without an internet connection, with zero disturbances in the workflow.

In addition, desktop time trackers boost and/or improve the company’s:

  • Productivity. Managers can gain insight into the time spent on irrelevant tasks and manage the time effectively by using the data from the tracker.
  • Profit. Managers can reduce project costs by viewing data and determining which employees are less productive, fail to meet deadlines, spend less time at work, get easily distracted, etc.
  • Accuracy. The desktop time tracker can be used to calculate the actual billable hours for both clients and employees as it records the total time spent at work, with detailed reports for projects and tasks and project cost analysis.
  • Focus. The desktop tracker analyzes the time spent on irrelevant activities, which can be altered and thus increase the employee’s focus during work hours.
  • Transparency. The desktop tracker records the total hours spent on different projects and tasks and provides a report of how the work hours are being spent. This is a transparent way to invoice clients, as they will see what they are paying for in detail.

Overall, the desktop time tracker is one of the best solutions that a company can include in their timekeeping policy as it provides a detailed view of how the time is spent at work while keeping the employees’ privacy at a level where everyone is comfortable doing their work.