What Is a Time Tracker?

A time tracker is a tool, most commonly comes a software tool, that both large and small enterprises and freelancers use to track the time they or their employees spend on completing tasks, projects, or other types of workload.

Software time trackers do more than just track work hours. They also record data about:

  • Which employee is working on what projects during the workday
  • How long an employee has worked on which tasks
  • How intensely the employee has worked
  • The point in the day when the employee is most productive, etc.

Time trackers can be automated to start tracking work hours at fixed intervals with a play/pause button or used to manually enter the work hours into a timesheet.

Time Tracker Origins

In recent history, more specifically in 1888, one of the more interesting inventions regarding time tracking was IBM’s mechanical clock, which was used to measure the time required for completing work-related activities.

The mechanical time clock required manual input in the form of a paper card that was issued to each individual employee. Employees had to “punch in” their time cards when they started working and “punch out” when they were finished. In between, employees could punch in their timecard for breaks, leaving work, mealtimes, and other types of absences.

Modern Time Tracker

While the mechanical clock was truly groundbreaking in those days, the system is greatly outdated compared to the modern and digital time trackers we have today, as they don’t require too much human interaction, making them nearly impervious to human error.

In the modern age, nearly all mechanical time trackers have been replaced with modern time tracking software. Software time trackers have placed the user in the overseeing and decision-making position.

Modern time trackers like My Hours are programs that everyone can install on their:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Time Tracker Software

Software time trackers enable managers and supervisors to make a clear distinction between productive and unproductive employee activities. 

On the business side of things, time trackers streamline the process for employee payroll and client invoicing, as the entries are calculated to the last hour with 100% accuracy. 

Moreover, the time tracker software:

  • Ensures proper workloads for the employee teams.
  • Guarantees the accuracy of the work hours for both employees and clients.
  • Guarantees accurate billing for different billing rates, such as hourly rates, rates per task, and rates per project.

The information collected by the time tracker can be safely stored on the company’s local servers or on secure cloud servers, depending on the tracker app, where only clients, employers, and authorized staff members can access them.