What Are Timesheet Reminders?

Timesheet reminders are notices that managers send to their employees as a heads-up to fill out and submit their daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets or timesheets that cover a certain period of time. Timesheets are an important part of timekeeping and are used to track employee attendance and work time.

Why Are Timesheet Reminders Used?

Managers use timesheet reminders to remind employees to submit their timesheets on a certain day for a certain period of time. 

The process of submitting and approving timesheets is often a handful for administrative staff. 

Employees can be prone to forgetfulness when it comes to timesheets if they are busy with their everyday tasks, especially in cases with approaching deadlines, causing timesheet duty to slip through the cracks. When employees are late with their timesheets, managers have to spend additional time processing them, which can lead to administrative bottlenecks.

When managers send timesheet reminders to employees, they are more likely to submit them on time, especially when there are consequences for ignoring them.

Small companies that don’t employ a larger number of employees don’t necessarily use reminders, but larger companies with plenty of employees do. Companies with teams working on different projects or clients use them to quickly gather the entire time tracking data, so managers or HR can process it and send it to clients as invoices and/or calculate employee payroll.

What Are the Types of Timesheet Reminders

Submitting timesheets can be a boring and time-consuming task. To combat this, managers utilize different types of timesheet reminders. Some of them are more interesting than others – timesheet memes, for example.

Time Tracking Software Reminders

When a company uses a time tracking software, managers can send many types of reminders including time tracking reminders, timesheet reminders, daily punch-in and punch-out reminders, and other reminders directly from the app interface.

Time tracking software has automation features that allow managers to set up a reminder cycle that will automatically remind employees to submit their timesheets on a fixed date in the month or a specific day in the week, depending on the company timesheet policy.

Time tracking software is one of the best methods of keeping accurate time entries, as it offers management features that aren’t limited to just time tracking but also extend to payroll, client reports, different types of data analysis, pie charts, and much more.

Email Timesheet Reminders

Email timesheet reminders are the most straightforward method managers use to remind employees to submit their timesheets as most of them frequently check their inboxes throughout the day.

The email reminder itself can be templated, and the manager can also attach a timesheet template to the reminder so that employees quickly fill it out and submit it for approval.

Email timesheet reminders are a great asset for companies that employ remote workers but their downside is that they can be easily overlooked by employees when things are busy at work.

SMS or Text Message Reminders

While text messages used to be viewed as an unorthodox business practice, nowadays, they are becoming more and more acceptable in a professional workplace. 

As a result, SMS or text message reminders are another popular method that managers use to remind employees to submit their timesheets.

Employees are far more likely to check their phones during work hours than open their email so the chances of missing a timesheet reminder are drastically lower. 

Calendar Timesheet Reminders

By using Google Calendar or similar digital calendar software, managers can create a shared company calendar that will send notifications to employees on the specific dates when they need to submit their timesheets.

Timesheet Memes

Timesheet reminder memes are taking over casual work culture, especially in companies where the relationship between managers and employees is semi-formal or informal.

These timesheet reminders are usually pop-culture images with altered references to better fit the context they are used in. An example would be a picture of Darth Vader, lightsaber in one hand while the other is extended in a force choke position, followed by the text I find your lack of timesheets disturbing at the bottom.

Managers can send these timesheet memes to employees in a group chat or in chain emails and remind them to fill in their timesheets in a fun and lighthearted way.