What Are Upper Management Time Reports?

Upper management time reports are a type of company report created by team leads, project leads, or other company personnel responsible for dealing with the minutiae of everyday tasks. These reports are made to inform the upper management about the overall progress and the timeline of a specific project.

Upper management time reports (and upper management reports in general) are made with the bigger picture in mind. They are not designed to give detailed information about every specific thing relating to a particular project, but instead, aim to give data about the progress towards reaching the end goal, i.e., the successful completion of a project.

Why Are Upper Management Time Reports Important?

Upper management time reports help the management get a clearer picture of the project's current state and give them insight into how the current strategy is performing.

This allows the leadership to improve the current business strategy if necessary. They get the opportunity to form a completely new strategy, change directions, or stick with the current one if everything is in order.

Other Types of Time Reports

Time reports are typically written for a specific target audience (or viewer). Based on who the target audience is, time reports are split into 5 categories:

The information included in each type of time report will differ based on the target audience. For example, upper management time reports won’t typically include detailed information about each individual team member’s productivity, while project manager or team time reports might.

The Difference Between Client and Upper Management Time Reports

Even if, in most cases, both client and upper management time reports rely on the same set of data, they are in fact written differently, or at least they should be. 

Client time reports aim to inform the client about the current state of the project and the value that the company working on the project brings to the table. They should be transparent and detailed enough while spotlighting the value a company brings to the client. Upper management time reports, on the other hand, should be concise and straight to the point.

Upper management is often involved in many different projects and is in charge of creating the overall strategic direction for the company while also dealing with other aspects of running an enterprise. That’s why time restrictions or time availability of the upper management can be in the foreground when writing an upper management time report.  

Upper management time reports include: 

  • Time availability of the upper management
  • Progress made toward accomplishing the goals of the project 
  • The status of the current timeline and how it compares to the project's projected timeline.