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My Hours is a Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software with simple time tracking, reporting and billing. Start tracking time with a simple click in our web, android or iOS app. No lengthy installations or software maintenance needed.

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Don't get limited by your office space.

  • My Hours is a cloud based solution that offers time tracking on unlimited projects and tasks with unlimited team members, time reports and simple invoicing. Track time on the go – a simple click in our web, android or iOS app will start or stop the timer. Add focus to your tasks with descriptions or edit your time logs when you are done tracking time on them.
  • My Hours makes billing and invoicing a breeze and assists you with planning for your future projects. Detailed time reports pinpoint projects that are not worth your time and money. Show your clients how you manage your time and where their money is spent by sending them your reports as proof of your hard work.
  • Create client specific projects and break them down to more easily manageable tasks. Specific billing rates can be assigned to projects and tasks to satisfy your needs or your clients demands. Invoicing of payments is customizable and easy to operate.
My Hours Time Tracker

Simple and user-friendly

How our time tracking software for employees works


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Add team members or employees to projects and tasks.


Start tracking time with a single click.


Generate reports and know how much work has been done by team members on specific projects and tasks.

Time Reporting

On point and insightful.

Time reporting
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All your time tracking data in one place, grouped by date, client, project task or team member.
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Produce clear and informative time reports.
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Determine what projects need your attention most, with our time reporting system.
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Cloud-Based Solution

Get your head INTO the clouds.

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Carefree time tracking. No lengthy installations or software maintenance needed.  
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Because My Hours is cloud based, your data is always available to you. Track time from wherever and whenever you need.
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Be mobile, track time on our web, Android or iOS app.
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Get the most out of your time

The Benefits of using My Hours

No installation or maintenance

My Hours is a cloud based solution so no time will be wasted on complicated installations, nor will a single email be sent on account of software maintenance.

High mobility

You can start tracking time anytime and anywhere– the cloud solution paired with android and iOS app allows you to be mobile and work when and where you desire.

Secure data

Your time logs are securely saved in the cloud,so you do not need to worry about deleting or losing your hard earned data.

Simple to use

You can get lost in time tracking and management software, so My Hours is and will remain simple to use and intuitive. Focused on what it does best – time tracking.

Productivity boost

Know exactly how much time projects or tasks take. Compare them over time, find the ones that are time consuming and not profitable in the long run. Refine them or prioritize the ones that are profitable.

Higher efficeincy

Time tracking gives you a detailed view on how time is used and indicates the flaws in your time management. This gives you direction on how your schedule can be made more productive and efficient.

Work transparency

Have a clear insight into team performance. The software allows different levels of insight depending on the administrator privileges.

Resource management

With enough data provided by time tracking, you can recognize and work on possible weaknesses or further promote your strengths. Tracking time also gives you the data that show appropriate workloads for you or your team.


Cloud Based Software

No need for lengthy installations or software maintenance.

Instant Time Tracking

Create a new time log in seconds with just a click.

iPhone and Android

Don’t be limited by your office space, track time on the go.

Tracking Time on Tasks and Projects

Create and track time on unlimited tasks and projects.

Edit Past Activities

Time logs can be edited after you are done with tracking.

Web Application

A fast simple, and effective solution.

User Friendly

Made to satisfy your time tracker needs with little or no effort.

Focused and Simple

Focused on what it does best – track time

Add Additional Expense to Specific Logs

Simple adding or tracking of aditiona expenses.

Administrator Options

Time log approval, edit past activities for users, monitor employee time tracking in progress.

Create and Export Reports

insightful time reports can be exported in PDF,excel or CSV formats.

Accessible 24 / 7

Always available, always there when you need it most.

Satisfied Users

Simple solutions for real people.

"fast and simple"

Time tracking that is fast and simple! It is great with budgeting and their reporting functions are amazing. My Hours isperhaps the easiest and quickest way to track hours against tasks and projects.

Miguel G. | Graphic Design

"very helpful"

It is a very helpful time tracking cloud/webbased app. Is very easy to use, doesn't have unnecessary options.

Hellen K. | Computer Software

"the best choice"

This software is simple to set up and use. I've never felt a feature is missing. After trying countless competitors, including some very expensive industry software, I'm still convinced this is the best choice

Kristen W. | Self-employed

I have tested similar time tracking apps but they all have limits. My Hours is without a doubt the most important tool I use in my business.
- Kevin from St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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